SOS Partnering with The Hills Church

The Hills Church hosted their annual day of service May 6th, in collaboration with local nonprofits. This day is known as “Renew Serve.”  Serving Our Seniors is one of the non-profits that Hills volunteers can connect with and serve the community.

SOS Social Outreach team provided an interactive demonstration to help educate volunteers on the physical challenges seniors face each day. As an example, the dexterity challenge requires volunteers to wear thick gloves while trying to button a shirt, use a zipper, or velcro snaps together. There were multiple stations all with different interactive demonstrations. Volunteers also created cards with words of encouragement, assembled goodie bags and collected food from Community Enrichment Center (CEC) and delivered to 26 SOS Clients.

Additionally, the Hills volunteers generously supported events from our SOS Helping Hands program with 27 volunteers providing major yard cleanup for two of our SOS clients. All volunteers ended their service time with a prayer of blessing, provision and encouragement for the senior clients.