Good Shepherd Catholic Community supports MCCC

Mid-Cities Care Corps (MCCC) is blessed with a few special organizations that support our mission by providing Volunteers, funding and a partnership in our mission to help local seniors, one of which, is Good Shepherd Catholic Community (GSCC). On July 16th, GSCC hosted a monthly Social Outreach event at MCCC. 16 GSCC Volunteers arrived early to help set up. They provided and served a wonderful pasta lunch from Palio’s, then assisted with clean-up. On September 21st, 9 GSCC Volunteers, participating in their Fall Parish Service Day, loaded a trailer full of tree limbs downed from the storms and spruced up the front and back yard for MCCC Client, Ms. Sharyn. The industrious group mowed, trimmed shrubs and cleaned flower beds. Ms. Sharyn was delighted and enjoyed visiting with the Volunteers. Additionally, GSCC generously sponsors our yearly Festival of Friends fundraiser and assists with Holiday Outreach providing food and gifts to MCCC Clients. Special thanks to GSCC, we are most grateful for your help and partnership to assist our local seniors.