2020 Adopt-a-Lawn Season Comes to a Close

As the 2020 growing season comes to a close, we want to sincerely thank the Adopt-A-Lawn (AAL) Volunteers for maintaining a record number of Client lawns this year, 86 in total.

As COVID affected work, school and home life around the globe, many looked beyond their own circumstances and embraced the opportunity to serve others in their community. As a result, MCCC added a record number of 31 new AAL
Volunteers this year. We hope our first time Volunteers found their service rewarding and hope they will volunteer again next year.

We also want to recognize and extend a heartfelt thank you to our longest serving AAL Volunteers Rich B, Patrick B, Robert C, Aaron D, Bill D, Wes H, Larry S, Brian S, Daryl W and Karla’s Girls Gone Mowing Team. The bond a Volunteer develops with a Client often lasts many years, enriching both lives.

Last but not least, a special thank you to the Volunteers that participate in the “Mower Brigade,” and the weekly leads, Paul B and Cris G. This group of Volunteers meet one day per week to mow lawns on the AAL waiting list. Every year there are lawns that do not get adopted by an individual and the Brigade ensures the “un-adopted” lawns are mowed at least once per month.

A big shout out to Eric A, John N, Vern L and Dave U for creating their own Mini-Brigade to maintain 7 Client lawns this season.

The Mid-Cities Care Corps team is very grateful to those who served our most vulnerable population during this unprecedented time. Knowing they could rely on someone to maintain their lawns gave the participating Clients peace of mind.

The 2021 AAL season will begin in March. If you are interested in adopting a Client’s lawn or joining the Mower Brigade, please contact the MCCC office.