Festival 2020 Goes Virtual!

We can all agree that 2020 has been a challenging year so far, and maybe it could be said that is an understatement. When COVID-19 closed things down, the Mid-Cities Care Corps (MCCC) Staff wondered how best to continue to support our Clients. Our Volunteers, who have always been our “rock” were willing to step up and help those in need, despite the pandemic. When going to the grocery store was problematic, our Volunteers began picking up and delivering groceries or shopping for our Clients.

When we couldn’t hold monthly luncheons, they stepped up to make and deliver monthly goodie bags that included essentials, activity items, cards with notes and special “thinking of you” items. Staff and Volunteers started calling Clients just to check-in, and new programs were born that bring in younger Volunteer groups to engage with our Clients over the phone and to hand make cards to be mailed monthly. We were overwhelmed with the generosity of people who were now working from home due to the pandemic and jumped at the chance to mow Client lawns for outside activity.

This year, we have set an all-time record number of Adopt-A-Lawn Volunteers. So, how does this relate to our annual Festival of Friends (FOF) event? FOF is our biggest undertaking that provides significant dollar support to MCCC programs and ultimately our Clients. At the May Board meeting, we all came to the same conclusion that VIRTUALLY was the only way to hold the event this year. With so many businesses impacted, it looked like the auctions might not be a part of the event. So again, we turned to our Volunteers and Supporters of MCCC and the response was tremendous. In an early August E-blast, we inquired if anyone would be interested to help build themed baskets for our Silent Auction. The response has been huge! The generosity and sight of all the wonderful basket items is awe-inspiring. Additionally, we gained two Live Auction items/trips, one through long- time Supporters of MCCC, Jim Kay Lynn Newlon and a second through a St. Philip Volunteer, Kathy Taylor. Both of these items wouldn’t have happened if not for our St. Philip contact and Supporter, Mitzi Cimino.

The Staff has been humbled with the help and support of our Volunteers, Board Members and Supporters. We are working hard on the VIRTUAL event and look forward to having all of our Supporters watch from the comfort of their home. Stay tuned for information coming soon on how to register for free and participate in the 2020 MCCC Festival of Friends VIRTUAL Event on November 5, 2020. Thanks again to all who keep MCCC going and growing.