Passing on the Spirit of Service to the Next Generation!

Some of you may remember Henry from the 2018 newsletter when he started participating in the Adopt-a-Lawn (AAL) program with his grandfather, Mike. Henry helped Mike clean up grass clippings using his custom made leaf blower that Henry’s mom modified to fit him.

Fast forward to 2021, Mike and Henry now volunteer to serve with the “Mower Brigade.” The Mower Brigade is a great group of volunteers that meet each Wednesday during the growing season to mow multiple client lawns that have not been adopted by an individual. As you can see from the photos, Henry has grown quite a bit and can handle the mower on his own like an expert! He even passed up a week of summer camp just to mow with the team.

The Brigade volunteers appreciate his youthful enthusiasm for mowing and his spontaneous humor. His recent declaration that “mowing should be an Olympic event” made it back to the office as the quote of the month!

Planting the seed of serving others in our youth can enrich the lives of our seniors and volunteers, now and in the future.

Thank you for serving our senior neighbors, Henry!