Super Target offers New Friends and Partners

MCCC's Jane Nauman shaking hands with Steve Rice at Target

Jane Nauman, MCCC Volunteer Coordinator and Steve Rice, Hurst Target Team Leader.

The Super Target store in Hurst has become one of our new partners this past year. Steve Rice, the Store Team Leader, has led his staff to participate in an MCCC sponsored yard clean-up service day for one of MCCC’s Clients. Additionally, they adopted 2 Clients’ lawns during the 2018 growing season and have volunteered to adopt two lawns again this year. Most recently, the store donated $500 in gift cards that will be used for Client needs, Volunteer appreciation, monthly Client Social Outreach luncheons, or any other MCCC support projects. MCCC would like to give a big shout out to Target and Steve for their generosity of time and funding to Mid-Cities Care Corps!