Mid-Cities Care Corps gets a Storage Shed for Helping Hands Equipment

Mowing lawns and yard clean-up have long been part of our Helping Hands(HH) program support. Lawn equipment owned by Mid-Cities Care Corps (MCCC) has been spread across multiple locations and maintenance was done at one Volunteer’s home. As part of our 5-year Strategic Planning Initiative, MCCC has collaborated with our friends at Crown of Life Lutheran in Colleyville to build a storage shed to house this equipment. MCCC Helping Hands Volunteers, BOD and Advisory members, Staff and our Executive Director came together to build the shed with volunteer hours and miles. After approximately 4 weekends/8 days of work, we have a home for all of the HH equipment along with an area designated for maintenance of that equipment. Thanks to our wonderful Volunteers, led by Board member Rick Miller for their tremendous gift of time and effort to help us reach a 2020 strategic goal – GOAL met!