MCCC has Awesome Transportation Drivers

We like to thank all of our Transportation Volunteers for the time and miles they put in helping our Clients. In fact, it’s hard to thank them enough. Each week Volunteer drivers sign up to take Mid-Cities Care Corps (MCCC) Clients to medical appointments or quality-of-life drives (grocery store, bank, drug store, etc.). These drivers provide door-to-door service, helping those Clients in need from their front door to the car, to the appointment, and back. They are all special people we are grateful to know and thankful to for sharing their gift of time with MCCC Clients. Every six months, we review transportation drives and we recognize our top 10 drivers based on the number of drives they’ve taken during that time frame.

The top 10 Transportations drivers (by drive count) for the second half of 2018 are:

1 Lois D.696 Diana C.23
2 Elizabeth C.397 Bob T.21
3 Lynn M.308 Karla W.18
4 Ron S.269 Laura W.18
5 Lisa V.2410 Dan W.13

For those with the same number of drives, the number of miles and time set the order.

In total, this group of 10 Transportation drivers logged 281 drives, 7,665 miles and 707 hours! If you would like to find out more about volunteering as a Transportation driver with Mid-Cities Care Corps, you can contact, our Volunteer Coordinator, or contact the office at 817-282-0531